Building automation using konnex and lon works protocols

Much is spoken about energy saving related to B.A. systems (often referred to simply as “domotics”) but not many are able to propose concrete, efficient and effective solutions. The reason is that many "commercial" systems have been developed more with a view to capturing Clients’ attention with eye-catching functions that are not sufficiently flexible and operate with closed protocols.

In our view the evaluation of the economic impact of the installation of B.A. plant must also take into account the benefits (in terms of both performance and savings.  Otherwise the B.A. plant becomes simply an increased cost and a considerable “nuisance”. To achieve these performance and economic objectives it is absolutely necessary to use international protocols to relate to other companies’ products.

These are the situations in which these technologies can be usefully applied:

  • Access and unauthorized presence control with transponder technology;
  • Access control and/or management of various commands by means of fixed line or mobile phone;
  • Local temperature regulation of various areas;
  • Control of technical systems in general (boilers, refrigerating plant, air conditioning, hydraulic and electrical plant, burglar alarms and video-cameras);
  • Management and control of energy saving, water, gas and electrical resources, etc.;
  • Management of lighting modes (switching and/or regulation with Dimmer, DMX512 solutions, DALI systems, etc.);
  • Control of emergency lighting;
  • Control of fire and trespass detection and alarm systems;
  • Supervision and control of systems using Microsoft® applications (Visual Basic, Office) and thus directly controllable using not only PCs, Notebooks, Palm devices, but also Iphone, Universal remote IR command devices, Touch Screens, etc.