GTE SA is the result of the fusion and synergy of two important companies, both with significant experience in the field of the design and installation of electrical and heating systems. We offer know-how at the highest level, thanks not only to a perfect knowledge of Swiss conditions and the specific requirements of the area, but to our long experience with important projects in Italy. 

Today GTE SA is your ideal partner – innovative, concrete and flexibile – for all residential and industrial projects as well as work in the advanced service sector, wherever cutting-edge technology is required. We offer innovation tempered with competence, rigorous research and customer service in both the planning and installation phases.

Our primary commitment is to helping the Customer satisfy his or her need to the last detail, while never relaxing our insistence on quality, respecting deadlines and budgetary constraints. GTE SA also offers a global plant maintenance service, both preventive and corrective, guaranteeing rapid intervention with our own expert personnel.


GTE SA is one of the forerunners of the Green Business sector, an area and an approach that continues to gain in recognition and importance. 

In general terms a business can be considered really sustainable the moment it is also ecologically responsible.  The principal objective of green business is to offer Clients solutions and not just products which are highly efficient while aiming at all times at integrating all the elements involved in a way which is economically valid and at the same time respectful of the environment. 

Green Business is GTE’s added value.  We are leaders in the sector, experienced in sustainable design which supports the development and expansion of ecological products. The use of photovoltaic systems in the energy field, investment and research into building automation, the use of innovative ventilation and the use of heat pumps are only some of the initiatives already taken.  These have been echoed in the context of the design and realization of various infrastructures, contributing to the spread of green culture.

Among the principal advantages in converting to green business lies in the reduction of ecological costs, the containment of expenditure and the management of environmental risk, as well as considerable improvement in eco-efficiency in terms of both cost and consumption.